EduEarth – the place to get your distant PhD and MBA

Academic orientation

Our academic orientation service is aiming to facilitate future students from all around the world to find the most suitable distant learning program. 

We focus on the distant studying as the best choice for progressive people. We know you have a lot of life goals and a distant qualification gives you the opportunity to focus on the essentials. 

We will help you find the education you want no matter the distance! If you are looking for Bachelor, Master, PhD, or just a professional course, we are here to assist you choose the best option for you.

Support during the programme

 EduEarth provides you with all the information for the chosen program and takes care of the details for you. Our team will go through the procedures of applying, enrollment, exams and graduating with you, providing you with exclusive support on each step. 

EduEarth’s team members have achieved advanced qualification in many educational fields and are passionate about the study subjects and tasks you are going through. Our supportive community will assist you throughout the process of your academic development and let you focus on unfolding your individual potential and professional development. 

Distance learning

We in EduEarth believe strongly we have to take the opportunities of the technological advancements. Today the distance learning expands our abilities and gives us choices we didn’t have yesterday. 

In the today’s world all that matters is practice. Our courses and programmes enable you to continue on the practical path, while gaining knowledge and develop in your favorite field. 

We use distant and blended learning platforms to provide the best experience for you throughout the chosen educational programme. Enjoy full mobility, and constant access to variety of courses that are customizable for your needs to make sure you leave with relevant skills.

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