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RSSU and IHM entered into an exciting cooperation

IHM International – Institute for technology based education in Health, Management and social services International, is now the official educational partner of the Russian State Social University (RSSU) in Wound care management.

IHM International will develop together with specialists from RSSU, professional programs for advanced training and professional recertification courses in Wound Care Management, according to the IHM pathways, in co-operation with an academic partner from Germany or Austria.

Russian State Social University, a place in Russia where Social Studies flourish

Russian State Social University (RSSU), the biggest provider of social education in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

What is Social Education?

Usually the social education is defined as a specific category of study and research, that is crucial for the development of society. At RSSU we understand social education in a broader sense as the combination of degree programs for managers, state civil servants, social workers, sociologists, anthropologists, etcetera, id est all those degree programs the graduates of which work for the improvement of society and for the needs of each individual. In other words – social workers.

It is our view that such a discipline of higher education, one that touches all areas of personal and social life, and helps to create better living conditions for everybody, could be the basis for the development of higher education as a whole, giving it the dual dimensions of social responsibility and humanity.

RSSU background

RSSU was founded in 1991 with the mandate to continue the core of the research and teaching activities of the former Higher School of the Communist Party. Initially, research and teaching focused on the Social and Political Sciences. Gradually, University activities extended into project work on social policy for State Institutions, as well as the education and support of acting administrators. It also became the leading institution for developing and drafting social reforms.

RSSU was the first University in Russia to offer undergraduate and graduate programs in Social Work, Social Youth Work, Social Insurance, Social Gerontology and Social Support for the Disabled. Since starting these programs, more than 400 000 social workers have graduated from the University.

Today RSSU has become a modern university with 14 faculties and more than 20 campuses in the territory of the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and with the representative office in Cuba, at the University of Guantanamo.

RSSU today:

  • alma mater for more than 400 000 social workers;
  • the center of the Russian methodological union for teaching Social Work, Sociology, Social Insurance, Social Entrepreneurship, and Social Youth Work;
  • Social Sphere Innovation Hubs developer;
  • leading institution for developing and drafting of the state social reforms;
  • institutional driver for joint social educational programs and research in Russia and abroad;
  • … and the Guinness World Record holder.

If you want to know more about the cooperation or about the programs of the IHM, just send us an email:

Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Stieger, Chairman IHM