CDT successfully finished in Guangzhou

From August 21st to 29th the first IHM International CDT course[1] was hold successfully in Guangzhou at Sun Yat-sen University.

23 therapists from all over China attended this intensive course.

The interest and eggagement of the participants was enormous and the quality of course very high because of this.

In the European university course “Complex Decongestive Therapy” the student learns all relevant theoretical and practical knowledge to treat patients with lymphoedema.

In module 1-3 the student gets an overview of the medical-therapeutic diagnostic and the therapy of relevant clinical pictures of the lymphatic system and its symptomatology.

Theoretically the student knows the anatomical, physiological and pathological basics of the lymphatic system.

In practice the student knows the manual lymph drainage techniques on the intact lymphatic system.

The student learns the medical-therapeutically diagnostic and therapy of relevant clinical pictures of the lymphatic system, its symptomatology and clinical presentation.

The students are able to perform basic and complex examination and treatment techniques at the patient.

The graduation certificate will be from the University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum Graz, Austria which gives the graduate the title “Complex Decongestive Therapist”.

National accreditation and job profile according to legal requirements has to be adapted for each country where the course is introduced.

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Martin Stieger



[1] European University Course “Complex Decongestive Therapy”


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