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MBA General Management / English / Distance learning

Distance learning means flexibility – studying is not constrained to a certain place or time.

The study can be started anytime and allows continuing working at the same time.

It is an attractive opportunity to study further in reconcilement with work and family life.

You can look forward to a quick learning success and to our team, which supports you – anytime.

This course of studies aims to procure knowledge and qualification for leadership positions for students, also those who are full-time employed.

Inter alia the course of studies includes courses on such topics as Marketing, Human Resources and Leadership.

The course, a postgraduate program for (future) executives, who have no time for full time studies, provides its students with the necessary knowledge for management positions and leadership roles in national and international corporations, private and public.

The studies course is a distance learning course; so it can be completed without time-offs from the job.

You can access the learning material at all times and from any place; no travel expenses; especially women, who have to take care of the offspring are enabled to study without any problems.

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