Watch Cedefop’s new video on Finland’s VET system!

Vocational education and training (VET) in Finland is an attractive educational option. It is competence-based and learner-oriented.

Strong employment prospects and flexible qualifications are among the reasons why 40 % of basic education graduates enrol to a VET module.

Nine in 10 Finns think that VET is of high quality and provides skills needed for jobs.

Following recent consultation, the Finnish government has decided on parliamentary reform of continuous education, responding to the people’s lifelong need for upskilling and reskilling.

Watch the animated video to find out more!

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  1. Dr. Hubert Kleine

    Wir sind dankbar für den Hinweis auf Finnlands VET-System, das es mir persönlich ermöglicht hat, in Turku ein EMBA-Studium zu absolvieren.
    Dr. Hubert Kleine
    Stellvertretender Vorsitzender der Deutsch-Finnischen Gesellschaft e.V.


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