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UNWE: Prof. Stattev re-elected

Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Statty Stattev was re-elected as Rector of the University of National and World Economy for a second four years term.

Through a secret voting Prof. Stattev was supported by the delegates of the UNWE General Assembly with 298 votes of all 306 ones.

“Thank you heartily for the great confidence you have gifted me again. As well as for the “yoke” you put me by my consent”, said the Rector.

“Over these four years all we have approved that there are no random people at the UNWE”, expressed his point of view Prof. Stattev which he had also shared in the beginning of his first electoral term.

“All our results have proved it. Each person of our academic staff has an approved reputation in the lecturing work and in the science not only at our university”.

The Rector expressed his desire and confidence that in the future all members of the academic staff would realize their personal opportunities, their plans in the lecturing work and science as institutional of the favourite university.

This is the only way to continue being so united and harmonious in the future and to work for raising the prestige of UNWE.  Let`s wish ourselves a peaceful and successful mandate”, outlined Prof. Stattev.