Strategies of Genius in Business: Orchestrating Innovation!

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Robert Dilts

Strategies of Genius in Business: Orchestrating Innovation!

The entrepreneurial spirit has been a driving force for social and economic growth and advancement throughout human history. In recent years, a new generation of entrepreneurs has emerged who are interested in much more than financial gain. 

Characterized by people like Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. and Pixar, Richard Branson of the Virgin Group, Elon Musk of SpaceX, Tesla Motors and SolarCity, this new generation of entrepreneurs is also deeply committed to living their dreams and making a better world through their projects or ventures. By combining personal ambition with the desire for contribution, growth and fulfillment they have made game-changing and world-changing innovations that have transformed the way we live and do business. 

This program is for people who have a similar vision and are willing to make a conscious decision to become more passionate, purposeful and creative. 

Your trainer: Robert Dilts

About this program

Strategies of Genius in Business: Orchestrating Innovation applies the principles and tools of NLP and Success Factor Modeling to identify key characteristics and capabilities shared by successful entrepreneurs, teams and ventures. This program will present some of the strategies used be the creators of today’s most successful companies, such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and others. 

Perhaps the most important strategy to create a successful venture is orchestrating innovation. Orchestrating innovation involves selecting, evolving and integrating good ideas. It is an essential factor for creating a successful venture, career or life. Orchestrating innovation requires the capacity to catalyze creativity in oneself and others and to promote synergy, collective intelligence and generative collaboration. 

One of the most successful and well-known “orchestrators of innovation” was Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad are all examples of this capacity. Jobs’ success with Pixar animation studios is also an example of his ability to orchestrate innovation. 

The program will cover a number of success factors relating to orchestrating innovation and building a successful venture including:


Limited number of participants! The seminar will be recorded on video. Due to copyright reasons, photos, videos, and or other audio and image recordings are prohibited at the event venue. This also applies to recordings for private purposes.
Workshop language: English. Location: 1130 Vienna, Don Bosco Haus

Reduction of € 30 when registering with code MST191

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