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IHM International thanks you all for participating at the last IHM courses in Dubai and in China, and hope that you enjoyed participating at these courses on Complex Decongestive Therapy. We also hope that you all had a save trip back and arrived home safely.

IHM International wishes you all a lot of opportunities to use your new knowledge about CDT in your daily practice and we are sure that all of you will benefit a lot from this course in the future.


We are really happy to announce, that since the new IHM website is online under http://www.ihm.ac.at.
On this website all relevant themes and issues are displayed for past and future participants of our academic courses. The IHM will keep this website updated in terms of scientific reports and interesting information for you all. We are continuously developing our website in order to deliver regular and actual information for our partners and course participants.

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Launch event: European – Chinese cooperation project in compression and lymphedema therapy Sanya, China

In China in 2014, there were about 10 million people who suffer from lymphedema and about 100 million people who suffer from lower leg venous disease. To treat these diseases, lymphedema therapy and compression therapy have proven to be very effective. In Europe, standardized treatment therapies and educational programs have already been established. However, in China these methods of treatments are mostly still missing.

Therefore IHM, the Institute for technology-based education in Health, Management and social services international, the FH Joanneum, Graz and L&R (Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH) started a collaboration with the Chinese Medical Association Plastic Surgery Branch Lymphedema Group, Lymphedema standard training base and L&R China Medical Products Co., Ltd to establish standardized lymphedema and compression therapy in China in order to provide the best treatment for lymphedema and lower leg venous disease patients.

The launch meeting of the European-Chinese cooperation project in compression therapy was successfully held from May 29th to May 31st in Sanya, China. Besides the numerous possibilities of networking, remarkable speeches were given and contracts were signed. The delegate from the German Chamber of Commerce especially pointed out the positive, fruitful business cooperation between Germany and China and outlined the importance of the project.
Finally, Dr. Walter Döller and Mrs. Prof. Liu Ningfei reported about the lymphedema treatment therapies in Europe and China in two very interesting speeches and emphasized on the existing differences between the regions.

Moreover, IHM is especially proud to announce that this program is fully supported by one of the leading hospitals in China, Zhejiang cancer hospital, who signed the collaboration contract to establish a training base for lymphedema treatment in collaboration with the IHM.

We are looking forward to the long-term cooperation with our estimated partners.

Statement of Dr. Walter Döller, Austria

The successful therapy of lymphedema with complex decongestive therapy (manual lymph drainage, compression therapy, skin care and gymnastics) is not an established concept worldwide in the way it would need to be in order to battle this disease effectively. The most important reasons for this are the lack of educated therapists and know-how about existing therapy possibilities. Taking these findings into consideration, the cooperation project between China and Europe in the field of lymphology gains even more importance. The collaboration was initiated two years ago by the Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital (China), represented by Prof. Dr. Ningfei Liu and the Lymphklinik Wolfsberg (Austria) represented by myself.

The aim of the project is the cooperation between Europe and China in order to educate lymph therapists according to European standards and simultaneously support scientific research. The contents of the educational program consist of theory and practice which will be taught by means of state-of-the-art tools (e.g.: e-learning). Therefore it is crucial to have highly competent partners like the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum Graz (Austria) as the European academic partner and the
Lymphklinik Wolfsberg (Austria) as the European teaching and training center. In order to optimize the knowledge exchange and cooperation, the concept, to let the education take place in China as well in Austria, was positively accepted by all partners.

European- Chinese cooperation project in compression and lymphedema therapy in Sanya (China). During this event, which was attended by 25 clinic directors from all over China, the project and educational program were presented under the guidance of IHM International. This historic event of the cooperation between western medicine and traditional-Chinese, medical oriented medicine in the field of Lymphology is unique and was highlighted as exceptionally important and positive by all participants. Numerous well-known clinic representatives announced their interest to participate in the project.
I am honored to be part of such an innovative and promising cooperation project between different cultures and scientists with the clear aim to help our patients in the best possible way!


The next IHM courses that will be held in autumn 2015 will take place in Graz, Austria at the following dates:
• 07.10.2015 – 10.10.2015– module 1 in Graz/ Austria;
• 12.10.2015 – 16.10.2015 – module 2 in Graz/ Austria

Unfortunately both courses are already booked out. The next cycle of courses will presumably start in February 2016 in close consultation with the responsible universities. We will inform you as soon as the details are fixed.


Mag. Dr. Petra Auner-Gröbl, representative of FH JOANNEUM and lecturer “University Course CDT”
The FH JOANNEUM, university of applied sciences, sees its mission in transferring high quality knowledge. The international positioning of a concept, like the “Complex Decongestive Therapy”, lives up to these high quality standards.

In “Module 1: Principles of lymphedema I” which took place in China and Dubai, it was possible to give the participants from all over the world an understanding of the European treatment strategies in a practice relevant way, due to the collaboration of different professions from different cultures. The collective interest in the optimal treatment of lymphedema patients and the willingness to learn, made the courses a great success with positive learning effect and active exchange of experience, not only on the side of the students but also on the side of the lecturers.

In the upcoming modules, the students get to deepen their knowledge about lymphedema treatment. After successfully graduating from the CDT course, the participants will be able to perform complex examination and treatment techniques and to adapt interventions according to different pathologies. The most qualified graduates get the possibility to apply for our train-the-trainer program which certifies them to transfer their knowledge in the highest possible professional way.


The IHM is very proud to have Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) as its first supporting partner from the industrial side. L&R supports the IHM’s high class courses with high quality products and is a very important partner of our courses.

„Next to innovative and high-quality products, L&R focuses on education and training of medical professionals. Therefore we have decided to support the IHM and its university courses. Lifelong learning is the key for continuous improvement in the treatment of patients.” (Quote by L&R; Dr. Georg Votava, Chairman of industrial advisory board)

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